How to Overcome of Odour Tuberose  Female Organ Intimate | the case thats always disturb dan be problem for many womens, smell is unpleasant to Miss V. Especially if the woman already has a partner or be married. Miss V is a female sex organs are located is hidden. To take care of the special skills needed, especially when women experience menstrual cycle habits.

Clean is importance part for body health.

How to Overcome of Odour Tuberose  Female Organ Intimate
How to Overcome of Odour Tuberose Female Organ Intimate
In fact, in normal circumstances (without disease), Miss does have a distinctive odor, but it will not smell the other people around him. Vagina smell less pleasant, such as salted fish odor may indicate the presence of certain diseases, such as bacterial vaginosis. ( cctv murah )

How to avoid vaginal odor issued

This best following solution .
  1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, reduce sugary drinks and carbonated beverages.
  2. Consuming garlic and non-fat yogurt regularly can help to reduce the odor of Miss V.
  3. Avoid using tight pants and colorful. Better use of cotton panties and white.
  4. Use baby wipes to clean the vagina is often wet and keep it dry. Miss V moist will allow bacteria to grow.
  5. Avoid 'Vaginal Douching' and the use of air-cleansing pH balanced feminine krn increase the risk of infection. Plain water is enough.
  6. Avoid maintaining pubic hair, because it could be a 'nest' the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  7. Clean Miss V from front to back in one direction, and do not forward again, so that the dirt from the back does not move forward.
  8. What makes the vagina smells? Miss V poor hygiene. After a bowel movement, clean the vagina correctly.
( penerjemah , grosir kosmetik )

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