How Overcome Body Odor with no Deodorant - If Deodorant It is Not Able to Overcome Body Odor, study case of health case that usually ask by patient :
I have a problem with body odor are less pleasant. I had a bath 2 times a day and always use deodorant and perfume, but still it does not last long, after a few hours back malodorous. So how do I fix this? And exactly what is the cause?
Rian, 22 years
How Overcome Body Odor with no Deodorant
How Overcome Body Odor with no Deodorant
Good afternoon, Rian.
Perspiration and body odor can arise when your physical activity, hot weather, when anxious, or when stressed. Sometimes when you sweat will cause bad odors.

What is causing the odor?

Our skin has two kinds of sweat glands are glands and apocrine ekrin.
Ekrin gland are almost all over the body, while the apocrine glands located in areas with many follicles rambul head, armpits, and groin. In circumstances such as stress, apocrine glands will secrete sweat onto the skin surface fat. Often, the bacteria will break down the sweat on the skin, causing the odor.
In addition, body odor can also be influenced by mood, diet, medications being taken, hormones, and diseases such as diabetes or kidney failure.
Here are some things you can do to reduce your body odor:
  1. Use of antiperspirants, because this product works to reduce sweating. Use antiperspirant at night.
  2. Deodorant. This product can reduce odor. Usually alcohol-based deodorant and change your skin becomes acidic conditions (pH of the skin), thereby reducing the infection by bacteria.
  3. Keep your armpit to keep it dry, because damp underarms will trigger the growth of bacteria and cause odor.
  4. Change your diet. Fatty foods, greasy, and garlic can also cause body odor.
  5. Wax or shave your armpits regularly

dr. Fresia Juwitasari ( grosir kosmetik , penerjemah )

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